Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twelve Unlikely Heroes

I recently finished John McArthur’s book “Twelve Unlikely Heroes.” I wanted to share a little about this book because of how it really sparked some great study time for me.
John McArthur is known for his biblical knowledge. His other well-known books in the series include “Twelve Ordinary Men” and “Twelve Ordinary Women.” McArthur has a gift for bringing characters alive. The fact is, these Old and New Testament characters were actual living, breathing, emotional people! They had thoughts, lives, and problems that went along with them. McArthur did a fantastic job pulling some “unlikely heroes” out of the pages of the bible and reminding us of their journeys with God and how He is after using us in the same way. From Enoch to Miriam and Mark and Onesimus, this book covers a broad group of biblical characters.
Granted, McArthur may make some assumptions based on biblical facts, but overall, this book really helped me dig deeper into the lives of some important people of the bible. If you’ve ever studied history, you understand that it’s easy for historical figures to become flat. What I love, is when these important historical figures become real to me. Throughout the entire book, I kept reflecting on the fact that God is the same now as he was then. If you’re looking for a book to help boost your knowledge of biblical characters, then look  no further.

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